Hole #1 – Out to Work
A short opening par 4 eases the golfer into the round. “Hugging” the large bunker on the left will provide the best angle to approach the green guarded on the right by a big, sprawling bunker. A collection area to the left of the green provides multiple options to get up and down for par.

Hole #2 – Serenity
This very attractive par 3 will test your middle iron play early in the round. The hole is perfectly framed by mounding to the right and rear of the hole. The green is set on an angle with a small pond guarding the tricky front left cupping area. A small pot bunker on the left may gather a missed shot before plunging into the water.

Hole#3 – Heading East
This relatively short par 5 is not short of drama! A large pond down the left side sets up the right to left angle of the fairway from the tees. Several randomly placed bunkers break up the vastness of the area between the first and second landing areas. The green is guarded by a pond on the right and accented with bunkers left, right, and long.

Hole #4 – Multiple Way
All great golf courses include a few, wonderful short par 4’s. This course is no exception!  A bevy of options await the player at the tee box. The driver can bring water right and a long fairway bunker left into play. The safe play is to hit an iron off the tee leaving a wedge into this well guarded small green that slopes toward the pond.

Hole #5 – Biarritz
A tough putt may await you on this unique and memorable par 3. This “Biarritz” green is bisected by a large trough through the middle. Distance control is the key for a mid to long iron to find the correct section of the green and avoid a possible three-putt. The entry to the green is also guarded by deep bunkers to the left and right.

Hole #6 – Right View
This par 4 is relatively straight but the fairway climbs up, and left, and then down, and right before entering the green. The ideal tee shot should be placed near the dogleg bunkers to open up a view to the green. Anything left will leave a shot over an expansive bunker gauged into a large ridge that blocks the front left side of the green. A subtle swale short and left of the green will collect many shots, especially with a demanding approach into the prevailing wind.

Hole #7 – Across the Creek
Another short par 4 but a forced carry over the wetland to the green provides a challenge that demands proper club selection. A good drive down the right side of the fairway, over two small bunkers, will set up a short iron approach to the small green. Trees to the front left of the green will obscure an approach from the left. The raised, plateau green will kick all errant shots away from the putting surface.  A definite birdie opportunity!

Hole #8 – Lake View
This will most definitely take three shots to the green, except for the longest of hitters. A 120 yard serpent-like bunker sets up the right side of the first landing area. The second shot requires a precise long iron or fairway wood to an area guarded by a pond on the right, and a random single bunker that’s located 60 yards short of the green.  A golfer can be aggressive and challenge the pond and bunker or lay back, leaving a longer shot to the green. The green is nestled amongst bunkers to the front and back of the green.  Accuracy is imperative for a par 5!

Hole #9 – Tributary Connect
A classic risk/reward par 4 that rewards players that can work the ball in both directions, especially to a back left pin. A left to right drive that comes to rest near the pond will be rewarded with a view of the putting surface. From the left side of the fairway, the shallow green is partially hidden behind the deep greenside bunkers at the front left of the green.